Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Image X 08, Photography workshop in New Orleans

Image X 08 was everything and more that I had expected. I had the chance to shoot along side the amazingly talented Julia Bailey , her wonderfully nutty and adoring husband Max (wait till you see those pics!!)
Jessica Claire was the other photographer who's workshop I took and I met quite a few other passionate photographers and artists as well. I cant wait to show you the photos from the event and tell you more in detail about it, but wedding photos call my name.... Here are a couple images I shot while in Julia's workshop. The little flecks in the photo is actually rain. I was standing in the N' awlins swamp (in flip flops.. ick.. all in the name of art) in the 9th ward... Much much more to come. Thank you again Julia and Max for the most amazing, inspiring and memorable day.


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