Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year and Wishes for an amazing 2011!!

The best place to start this blog would be with wishes of a very Happy New Year to everyone. As many of you know this year was beyond crazy and "normal" for me and I know many family and friends who can say the same thing... 2010 was a tough year for many...and I am ready to make the best of 2011!!

I am currently living on a beautiful little farm in Ecuador. Life has gone from wild to wilderness. I have found that making bread is more fun than I had ever imagined and that raising goats, chickens, dogs, cats and rabbits is wayyyyyy more work than I signed up for. But at the end of a grueling day, I smile in all that I accomplished.
I wanted to share a little of my new life with you since I have finally semi-caught up with last years Wedding season. I felt guilty posting photos of my new life while so many were waiting to see their photos.... That said, I will show you a peek of the farm and my next blog will consist of my #1 fav photo from each of the weddings and photo shoots I never had time to post and show.

My beautiful and hard working boyfriend and the Princess posing for their portrait.....