Sunday, July 10, 2011

Bogi and Jared's Eden Roc Wedding Photos

I had a blast coming home to shoot some exciting and truly romantic weddings!! Ahhh Viva Amor!! What more could a photographer ask for than couples in love,beautiful settings and perfect lighting? Delicious cake ;)

Today is a rainy day on the farm in Ecuador and the last thing I am up for is walking around in wet, cold muck. Much better to remember warm days in Florida, no? So, lets start with Bogi and Jared who's Wedding celebration was held at the Eden Roc Hotel. They had a beautiful sunset ceremony on the beach an elegant cocktail hour by the poolside and partied inside the magnificent Eden Roc Hotel. One of the highlights of the wedding for me was when the Hungarian dance began, I think everyone was breathless and smiling once the music stopped. Thank you Bogi and Jared for having me there to photograph such a beautiful event.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kim and Forrest's Engagement Photos with MJ!!

I had the awesome chance to shoot Kim and Forrest at Turnberry Isles Resort in Miami. Along our stroll around the beautiful gardens we stopped to take a few shots of Forrest by the golf course. I had the amazing chance to be quazi run over by Michael Jordan!!! He was in his golf cart, zooming around and I was snapping away walking backwards, near impact happened and it was the best near impact I ever had, lol... Thank you guys again for an amazing day!! And Thank you MJ for hanging with us to snap a pic with you!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness

I arrived back in South Florida a few weeks ago and just yesterday had time to soak up a little beach. How I miss the warm sand between my toes, the sound of the ocean and the peace the beach brings to me... ahhhhhhh serenity.

Today I am shooting a wedding at the famous Breakers in West Palm Beach. I am more than excited as every turn you take there leads you to a more beautiful location. I wanted to post a few of the wedding photos from last year, as promised ;) Then I will start posting the amazing events I have shot since I have been back.

Here is just a short tease of Collen and Barry... more to come.