Thursday, April 16, 2009

Family Day with Alexis

Leanna and Mark asked me to take some photos of their beautiful daughter, sweet little Alexis. Alexis was just about to turn one before these photos were taken, what a hoot this little one is! She was taking many of her first steps and was none to thrilled about a frilly dress mama put her in. Leanna is an AMAZING baker, take a peek at her yummy web site.

Toute Sweet Creations , if you are interested in one of a kind sweet treats ;)

Alexis (458 of 478)-52

Alexis (456 of 478)-51

Alexis (463 of 478)-53




Alexis (25 of 478)-22

Alexis (35 of 478)-24

Alexis (111 of 478)-28


Alexis (153 of 478)-29


Alexis (236 of 478)-35


One second Sweet...

Alexis (249 of 478)-37

And the next, not so sweet... At this point she is not liking the dress so much...

Alexis (248 of 478)-36

Alexis (271 of 478)-38

Alexis (335 of 478)-40

Alexis (338 of 478)-41

Alexis (352 of 478)-42