Sunday, January 3, 2010

Amy and Todd Married At the Addison

Happy New Year to all and I hope that much Health, Peace, Love , Luck and Happiness is headed in every ones direction!! 2009 was indeed a crazy year!!! So lets turn the page for 2010!

I have some beautiful photos to share with all my devoted stalkers ;) And although I do not get many comments here, many people send me emails telling me how much they enjoy my work, so thank you guys for sharing your thoughts and feedback with me!! And dont be shy, leave a comment if you like!!

Amy and Todd had one of the most beautiful weddings and once again I am so lucky to have such amazing clients!! Thank you guys for making my job such a breeze!!!

Happy New Year to all and I always love to add... Never forget your inner child as it gets squashed at such a young age... but he/she is there just waiting for you to find them. During these difficult times I know many who have lost their jobs and I think this is the perfect time to really figure out what makes you happy in life. Not doing the grind but doing what makes you most happy, seek and you shall find. Just as I did ;)

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Love Love Love Her baby Pink Nina Shoes!!!

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Beautiful Details on her Wedding Gown

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Amy and Todds beautiful Little one ;)

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Her dress and shoes for the day

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Mom giving the final prep

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The Oh so Handsome Groom to be ;)

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These amazing boquets were hanging from the trees!!

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Before Heading down the isle... Love this one with her dad in the back...

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The girls waiting for their turn to walk down the isle

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A Yummy Sushi Boat!!! I was drooling taking this one!!

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Cigars were being hand rolled on the terrace

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What a Cake!!!!!

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Love Really is Sweet

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Courtney said...

The pictures are stunning!! Amy, Todd and Jordyn look so gorgeous and the details turned out beautifully. Great job!!
Courtney Soloff

Photog said...
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Alissa said...

AMAZING! These are gorgeous and truly capture the beauty of their wedding. Best to you Amy, Todd and baby J!

Mary said...

Wow, great location, amazing wedding, and incredible photos for sure! Congratulations! I happened to pass your page and am amazed by your work.