Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year!!

I have been a bad blogger as of late and wanted to add a post to give Holiday Cheer! My most beautiful Nephew will grace the pages of my one and only December blog. We had a hoot attempting to get him to pose and then headed outside to get some fun shots. I hope you enjoy!!





Rock In My Hand.
Rock In The Air ;)


I also want to take a moment to thank each of my wonderful Brides and Grooms who were a very big part of my first year as a Wedding Photographer. I have so many funny, beautiful and lasting memories and wanted to take a moment to say Thank You All from the bottom of my heart!! Here is a teaser of the next wedding to be posted. Melinda and Joe are an amazing couple and I cant wait to tell you all about their most amazing wedding!!

20081108-MelJoe08 (246 of 525)

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