Monday, February 11, 2008

Danielle's Bridal Shower

Mummmmmmmm cake...

Getting ready for the party

Vibrant table settings , I love the colors!!!

A kiss from her handsome Fiance... Do you feel the Heat?!!!

Guests begin to arrive

Bride and Bridesmaids to be

Time for some fun games

Cool funky fisheye shot

Great rendition of bride throwing boquet

Looking Beautiful

Reading wedding vows created by friends and family, this was FUNNY!


Ahhh the Love of a KitchenAid


daniellesofia said...

i love love love them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you again!!!

Photographic Art said...

It was my pleasure!! Your friends and family were so warm and wonderful!!! I knew you would love the Kitchenaid shot!! It speaks VOLUMES!!!

Katie said...

awesome pics stephanie!!!! The shower looked wonderful daniellesofia congrats!